Bank Token

Bank Token is a securities generator offering businesses and individuals the ability to create tokens backed by tangible assets. Bank Token also allows users to trade on its securities exchange, which has a unique global currency convertor offering more than 160 foreign currencies, providing trade tools and options that communicate with both encrypted and fiat monetary systems.

Bank Token Features

Bank Token App

The Bank Token App allows you to generate Bank Tokens via mobile, forming the quickest route towards securities tokenisation.

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Bank Token Exchange

The Bank Token Exchange provides quick and simple access to all your Bank Tokens..

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Bank Token Convertor

Questions and answers

1Why Bank Token?
Bank Token provides users with a frictionless route into blockchain technology. Bank Token allows users access to tokenised 'asset backed' securities that can be leveraged against fiat currencies and other tangible assets, it is a secure payment environment, and offers a securities asset exchange which can convert encrypted or fiat currency, offering simultaneous trade between encrypted and foreign currency exchanges.
2How do I buy a Bank Token?
Bank Token offers three separate smart contracts backed by your fiat currency or tangible asset, each valued at £10 (GBP), £50 and £100 respectively, these Bank Tokens (BTM) are created utilising REUM .solidarity (a secure blockchain contract environment and code structure), which has improved security related to KYC/AML, immutable decentralised ledgers offering the scalability needed for banking and financial service operators.
3Which tangible assets do Bank Token accept as securities?
The Bank Token generator allows users without previous blockchain smart contract knowledge to create custom securities tokens, these tokens can then be placed on our exchange, due to them being backed by an asset such an established crypto or foreign currency or another tangible asset e.g. listed and accessible gold, silver, stock, shares, commodities, market ready property and shovel ready land etc.
4How do I sell a Bank Token?
Bank Token accepts BTM generated securities via its own exchange, also via a trade partnership with the Herodex network (Litedex, Traddex and the London Crypto Exchange) and Blockshine’s network of exchanges (AXS Austrialia's largest crypto exchange, also 20+ other exchanges across the globe) accepting all currencies capable of swap and liquidation. e.g (a currency crypto or asset which offers immediate liquidation and thus immediate ROI).
The Bank Token (AAA) currency is the Bank Token's official encrypted coin. BTM is the developer protocol and code base for our smart contract providing simultaneous trade within encrypted currency and foreign currency exchanges. This token is secured by assets and is peer to peer by nature. BTM 10, 50 and 100 are smart contract protocols generated by our tokeniser.

The BTM code environment is structured to dynamically generate 'store of value' smart contracts giving a series of choices for our tokeniser as 'user generated securities'. Users can generate their own securities allowing the tokens to act as a trading tool, with an asset value backed by equivalent fiat amounts, exchangeable and redeemable upon purchase of Bank Tokens, a BTM smart contract is generated and your currency is delivered to your Bank Token wallet.

Why choose Bank Tokens?

Bank Token has compliance modus operandi in place, with legal firms, finance businesses and fintech developers to create an improved standard in token securities.
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Access the Bank Token exchange where users can utilise our offering of exclusive trading pairs for securities (Asset Backed) tokens and stable (Tethered) coins


Access the Bank Token tangible asset marketplace, communicating with the exchange as a bridge between securities, tangible assets, fiat and encrypted currencies.


Access a secure cold storage enterprise wallet for banks, financial institutions and fintec corporations whom are entering into the blockchain market and tokenised economy


The Bank Token democracy funding platform provides an investors environment allowing users to invest in tangible asset based units which have been approved by Bank Token

Use case example for Bank Token 1

(stable currency)

USDG – Is a stable coin sold directly via our securities portal, it is directly tethered to USD 1:1, and its niche is it is pegged directly to Gold.

Each customer receives in Gold the amount they have invested, we offer custodian/vault services, but also we offer postal delivery of gold starting from:

1 Gram = Gold Spot Price

100 Grams = Gold Spot Price

1000 Grams = Gold Spot Price


Use case example for Bank Token 2

(asset backed securities)

Bank Token provides a secure ledger for keys and private data, as an enterprise cold storage service. Bank Token Money (BTM) has generated and audited its first coin (AAA), it is a stable coin tethered 1:1 with the Great British Pound (GBP). Bank Token’s intention is to encourage standards for securitised encrypted currency here in the UK. Bank Token has developed a ‘codeless’ environment for generating asset backed smart contracts (BTM) with unique tokenisation options embedded with KYC/AML for regulation and compliance, thus Bank Token is a secure asset backed solution for commercial use.